Josh Bach Silk Tie
Josh Bach Silk Tie
Josh Bach Silk Tie
Josh Bach Silk Tie
Josh Bach Silk Tie
Josh Bach Silk Tie
Josh Bach Silk Tie
Josh Bach Silk Tie
Josh Bach Silk Tie

Josh Bach Silk Tie

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Ties are 100% silk, made in NYC.

- 100% Silk
- Measures 57"long and 3" wide
- Hand-finished in New York City.


Baseball Stadiums Necktie

This Baseball Stadiums necktie is a tribute to historic Ebbets, Connie Mack, Forbes, Crosley, Comiskey, and The Polo Grounds. Demolished baseball fields rest on dark blue silk.

- Dark blue, Ivory and Green.

Red U.S. Constitution Silk Necktie

Josh Bach Constitution Necktie is 100% Silk. This handsome red tie features the signers of the Constitution of the United States, and shows words from the Preamble and Article 1.

- Dark red, black print

Bridges Blueprint Necktie

A blueprint's point of view on Six different suspension bridges span this river of silk. A very interesting structural design, perfect for architects or structural engineers.

- Red and Ivory.

Emancipation Proclamation Necktie

This silk necktie was originally designed for the N.Y. Historical Society and is from Abraham Lincoln's original handwritten version of the Emancipation Proclamation. Available in Gold or Purple.

- Gold with Black or Purple with Gold. 

Heartbeats EKG Necktie

This Heartbeats silk necktie is sure to get a lot of healthy comments. Perfect for the doctor, the cardiologist, the athlete... or whomever gets your heart racing.

- Multi on Dark Blue.

Periodic Table Necktie

This necktie is perfect for the chemist and scientist in all of us...takes me right back to high school Chemistry, in fact it's the perfect cheat sheet for the test (...I kid, I kid). Well suited for both that lab coat or sport jacket.

- Blue and Off White

Blue Declaration of Independence Necktie

John Hancocks galore! All the signatures from the Declaration of Independence are imprinted on this 100% silk necktie.

- Light blue and black print

Music by Bach Necktie

The Maestro has arrived in style. This necktie portrays of one of JS Bach's Cantatas ( if it would be anyone else's).

- Ivory and Black.