TextTime Bamboo Clock
TextTime Bamboo Clock
TextTime Bamboo Clock
TextTime Bamboo Clock

TextTime Bamboo Clock

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With a clock that is also a floating shelve, you can decorate and create storage at the same time.  Don't get me wrong!  No visible attachment to the wall, no cables (battery operated) and the modern font makes this a piece of art by itself.  The fact that you can store items takes it to the next level. 


With the need for space take advantage of this clock and floating shelve. 

  • Office- Deep enough to store your pencil holder, stapler, and notebook what else do you need?
  • Bar- Store your nice glasses and your drinks while displaying them.
  • Makeup- Use it to keep your brush, lipstick, and blush.
  • Make it your own!

Open storage reduces clutter

We tend to forget about stuff when we don't see it, which creates a lot of drawers full of junk.  By having open storage you are not only always aware that the items are there, you quickly realize when it is getting too be too much. 

Numbers or Letter?

You have your options. 

The Texttime provides easy to read time by spelling out the numbers, so the whimsical twist of the letters makes it a crowd favorite.



How much noise does it make?

It makes the sounds of papers hitting each other.  At the hour when both sides flip you can hear it a bit more.   

How long does the battery last?

When you use a good quality battery like Duracell longer than a year maybe even longer than two.  The ones in my office have been running since we moved and I never changed the battery, so they are at 1.6 years and counting.

Size 60 x 8 x 8 cm
23.62 x 3.1 x 3.1 in


3.02 Kilo
5.58 pounds

Battery 2 C Batteries Not Included
Color Bamboo and White
Time AM - PM